Thresholds #1, #2, and #3 were created for the Kunst Doc International Residency program in Tongui-dong, Seoul, South Korea. This installation is transportable. The standard material for commodity packaging and commercial transport, the cardboard box, becomes a display mechanism that unfolds into a narrative. They also nest perfectly inside each other, occupying a total area of 17” X 22” X 12.5” (44cm X 56cm X 32cm).

Creation and destruction, which cannot co-exist in the general sense, face each other in this place. Therefore, these photo-narrative pods represent an intersection point between creation and destruction. Although the site at Tongui-dong will be destroyed in time, their creations have been recorded through a different medium and produce continued discourse thereafter.

Thresholds were received from a place far away, the United States. They document the familiar found in remote landscapes.  Personal stories of love, money, sales, and decomposition provide a glimpse into a world that simultaneously provides intimacy, but also confusion. They are strikingly fragile and obviously obsessive. They will return home at the end of their journey.