The pendulum Painting Apparatus utilizes a pendulum with a paint can on one end.  The can has a tiny hole in the bottom, which allows the pendulum to record the path on the painted surface.  When I do these paintings, I always involve an audience. The audience takes an active role in the decision to end the painting process.  During these events I take a poll and when the audience decides the process should stop the painting is completed

One would think that a pendulum would operate in a consistent manner.  I have found that under certain conditions, the pendulum has a wide range of variables that can be altered.  The outcomes change when these variables are manipulated.  Most recently, I have added motors to incorporate an additional variable for experimentation.  These motors spin the panels around during the event while the pendulum swings above.  By the utilization of external forces, the artist’s hand is removed from the direct act of mark making, but indirectly, my hand is never taken away from the art.  My presence is evident through multiple outcomes from the same machine whereby each result is different.  My goal is to explore materials, audience taste, controlled situations and the mystery of what constitutes an artwork.  By distancing myself from the self-conscious hand. I question the means of the artist as an expressive mark-maker.