Mobile Food was an interactive installation and art intervention made in Seoul in 2008. This temporary installation resulted from a dialogue about unexpected events, unfamiliar surroundings, and spontaneous documentation. The artists Dirk van Lieshout and Ron Saunders combined their knowledge of Seoul, one fresh and one informed, to observe the signature of city.

Each city has its particular way of presenting itself, which forces the artist to work in a different way. Seoul in particular presents the viewer with an overwhelming view of commerce. Companies and business are created and then quickly replaced. Advertisements are created soon to become simply aesthetic detritus. Every day is an ongoing process of creation and recreation. Mobile food utilizes seemingly unpredictable change and the curiously valued mundane as catalysts for performances on the opening night, a series of new drawings, and a magazine.

Together, Ron and Dirk printed digital drawings and watercolors on large cardboard boxes. ¬†Then, they had motorcycle delivery men bring them to the gallery during the opening. ¬†Once there, the delivery men entered the space with onlookers waiting and cheering, the text on the wall simply read ‘please place boxes behind the black and yellow lines’.