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I am inspired to insert art into situations where you would normally not find it.  Through Beuysian connective aesthetics (social sculpture) and Dadaist intervention, I organize site-specific installations  and performances where I often invite the audience to cross the threshold of passive viewer into active participant. 

I also find collaboration in systems or structures with their own dynamic with the task of making art that is removed from the artists’ hand. In particular, my paintings demonstrate the collaboration between myself, simple machines, natural forces, and often the viewers as well.  By creating a non-static experience outside of the studio vacuum, I demystify the art-making process during show openings or performances.

I seek to reorganize, challenge, and question the role of when, where, and how art work is created.  Simultaneously, the viewer should question what they are seeing or experiencing and leave with the realization that art is more than just an object, it is also the process itself.